man checking pests in the cupboardTermites are among the most dangerous pests in any household. In fact, they can decrease a property’s value by over 25%. According to research, one termite colony consumes about five grams of wood daily and in most instances, you will have about five colonies on your property.

There are various termite control measures employed by professional terminators based in Boca Raton and other parts of FL. The ideal treatment for your home depends on the extent of the infestation and your home’s type of construction. Here are some of the effective treatments used for termite control:

1. Soil Treatment

These treatments are used on the soil surrounding a termite’s colony as pest barriers. A trench is first dug around the foundation. A termiticide is then used to treat the soil in the ditch after which the trench is refilled. Soil treatment prevents future termite infestation, as they are barred from accessing your home. It also kills the termites in your building as they return to their nest.

2. Wood Treatment

Some common wood treatments used for termite control include injected sprays, foams, borate treatments, and surface sprays. Wood treatment averts future infestation and kills existing termites. Surface sprays and borate treatments are used during construction while foams and injections are applied after the construction is complete.

3. Bait Systems

In this treatment, bait stations are placed around your house’s perimeter and monitored on a pre-determined frequency. Though the method produces results slowly, it’s efficient against large termite colonies. Bait systems can also be used as monitoring tools to detect termite infestation.

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All the above methods are efficient in ridding your home of termite infestation. Don’t be tempted to save money on professional exterminators and try DIY applications. The treatments require expertise in application and monitoring. Your supposedly cost-cutting DIY measures will only result in extensive damage to your home as the termites continue thriving unchecked. Annual professional inspections are also necessary to keep your construction termite-free as these pests can go undetected for years.