Water damage on house floor tilesA flooded basement and a gushing pipe make for a homeowner’s nightmare. You can keep your household safe from the scourge of leaking water if you keep a few important things in mind.

It is good to keep the contact number of a water damage repair team in Salt Lake City but being a proactive homeowner will also help. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC cites some effective ways to deal with and prevent water damage.

The best way to deal with clogged drains

The drains in the kitchen sink and the showers might clog up occasionally. Instead of pouring harsh chemicals into the drains, you can use a drain snake. You will get a bit of a workout while keeping the structural integrity of the pipes. Keep in mind that chemicals capable of dissolving clogs may also dissolve pipe walls. If you continue to unclog with chemicals, you might find yourself dealing with a major water leakage soon.

Grease goes into a container

Oil and grease coat the walls of the plumbing system and eventually cause a blockage. Being stubborn about pouring grease into the pipes will get you nowhere. Letting the water flow will not remove the oil deposited at critical areas of the system. Stop pouring oil down the drain to avoid problems in the future.

Monitor water flow with reliable technology

A water flow monitoring system may not be part of your budget, but it should be. The system can protect you and your investment. By detecting water flow, it can determine an abnormality in the system and shut it down immediately. The best ones can prevent the occurrence of a suddenly gushing pipe.

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Learn how to shut down the water main. In the event of a burst pipe, leave what you are doing and go to the water main to turn it off. Ask every member of the household to do the same.