Home landscapeAny landscaping work can turn your simple Chanhassen home into an eye-popping estate. But what hardscape and softscape elements should you incorporate into your land? Experts, along with outdoorlivingandlandscapinginc.com‘s help, list some trends below to inspire your landscaping plans.

Landscaping Based on Interest

For this year, homeowners have been putting emphasis on what they want to do in their backyards. Those who want to grill create outdoor kitchens on patios. Those who want to meditate design Zen gardens. In a similar vein, your plans should reflect what you want to do. For example, if you want to host social gatherings at home, you can create a backyard lounge complete with an outdoor fireplace.

Landscaping Based on Aesthetics

Pay attention to craftsmanship. Many landscaping professionals today can still create garden and lawn elements by hand. You can add some flourish to your garden with a design piece that compliments the rest of your backyard. You can even purpose your backyard for aesthetics alone and build your plans around a garden centerpiece, like a fancy water fountain.

Landscaping Based on Life Stage

The stage you’re in your life right now can dictate what your lawn or backyard will look like. People with young and growing families, for example, can have a flower garden with a playground. Older people whose children have already gone to college or work can ramp up the garden into a full-blown plant enclosure of shrubs, perennials, grasses, and trees.

Landscaping Based on Season

Finally, to change things up even more, you can design your backyard to look great during winter. Come the snow, you can look outside your window and still enjoy some color outside your house. For this to be possible, you can pick low-growing plants and other kinds that are tough, colorful, and full of texture.

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You can base your lawn and backyard plans on any of the trends above, and your home will become the talk of Chanhassen for its incredible landscaping beauty or functionality.