DIY Home Makeover ToolsThere’s nothing more exciting than giving your home a makeover. While this may seem a fun chore, keep in mind that some remodelling projects require enough preparation to achieve the best possible results. Unless you’re an avid handyman or you have a home interior design background, hiring a professional is your best option.

To help you get started, Starry Homestead cites some simple ways to make your home look more welcoming and comfortable:

1. Install Proper Lighting

Upgrading the lighting fixtures can do wonders in every area of your house. This is the best way to start a home makeover. Before making any changes, you need to finalise the overall theme. If you are aiming for a more “clinical” atmosphere, use warm white bulbs or stark lighting fixtures. On the other hand, warm or yellow lighting can make the rooms look more comfortable. This is ideal for minimalist and contemporary designs.

2. Make Use of the Windows

You should not rely on artificial lighting for multifunctional rooms, such as the kitchen area, living rooms or your home office. As much as possible, these areas need more natural light. The key here is to find a strategic position for the windows. Adding blinds or curtains is likewise ideal.

3. Consider Using Textiles

Adding textiles and fabrics can also do some tricks for your home. Layer the living room seating area with cushions and throw pillows. This can be useful during family movie nights. For bathrooms, you will never go wrong with textile curtains and thick rugs.

4. Light Up Some Scented Candles

Scented candles can enhance your mood and match the overall design of your home. Use creative candle holders, such as decorative jars and bottles.

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These are just some of the best ways to make your home look and feel more comfortable. For better results, look for more inspiration online or consult a professional interior designer.