Kids playing in their bedAs kids grow, their needs change. That is quite true with bedroom matters. As toddlers become preschoolers, their needs and wants become different. To keep up, you simply have to know what makes an ideal element for a growing kids’ bedroom.

It All Starts with a Good Bed and Mattress

The choice of bed frame and mattress is rather a tricky aspect. When your child graduates from a cot to a full bed, you tend to get confused about the best choice to make, considering the broad selection available. One good guideline is to remember that your children will not become young – or smaller – again, ever.  The bed size you choose must be comfortable enough to keep up with his growing needs, at least for the next 7-10 years.

Instead of a toddler bed, it is advisable that you go for a single or twin bed, to give your child enough elbow room as he grows in all aspects. If space or budget is not a question, a double bed would be better. It could help prepare your child’s bedroom for a sibling or make it useful even towards his teen years.

Of course, after choosing the bed frame, you need to choose a good mattress. The comfort and coziness of the bedding matter a lot in your child’s sleep quality. Invest in twin-sized mattresses from Salt Lake City companies, which is ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Beds are not created equal. Each type is meant to meet a specific set of needs and standards. When you go out to shop for your child’s bed, make sure that you have defined both his needs and preferences and all the other factors that might get in the way, including room size, design, color motif, and others.

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