A pool with dried leaves Selecting the best position for your new pool is a decision that you will have to live with for some time — perhaps for a very long time. The reason is apparent: moving a swimming pool would be harder than installing one. Therefore, you must be sure, even before installing the pool, that you never have to move it once completed.

Before starting on your aboveground pool installation in Salt Lake City, engage pool builders such as Dolphin Pools & Spas who have done the job before. That way, you will get the right size, shape and depth of the pool and avoid costly mistakes, too. Aboveground pools are heavy. As such, they should never be on the unleveled ground, sloping hillside, or unstable soils. Do not install your pool in locations that have the following characteristics.

Unleveled Ground

Having considered the above factors, you might realize that the most suitable spot for the pool construction is not level enough. Unfortunately, if the ground level is off by one inch, more pressure will be built on the lower side. As a result, your pool might end up sinking or buckling due to wall stress.

Sloping Hillside

Always avoid building on or next to a sloppy area. The size and weight of the pool will get in the way, hence accelerating the natural ground creep. Therefore, ensure that your pool is at least 20 feet away from the start of any slope.

Unstable Soil

Pools do best in soils that are not silty, loose or sandy. These types of soil can easily shift or slump under the weight of the pool. Similarly, backfill has inadequate support under the pool, making it mandatory to dig deeper on the high side to achieve a level ground, compared with filling the lower side with sand to level.

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While planning, make sure that you know the zoning and building requirements as well as aboveground pool safety measures. Permits are required in Salt Lake City so secure them before you start.