Dead CockroachCockroach infestation is a distressing problem for any household. Roaches are attracted to food, paper, and fabric and can infiltrate cupboards and spoiled groceries. Recognizing the signs of roach infestation means that they can be exterminated faster.

Cockroaches are small, oval-shaped, winged insects that are usually reddish brown in color. American cockroaches are around 2mm in size and there are 70 species native to the country — 30 of which are attracted to human habitats. Once an infestation has occurred, it should be dealt with as soon as possible because a female cockroach may only need to mate once to remain pregnant for the rest of her life. In fact, a cockroach can produce 150 offspring each year.

Signs of Roach Infestation

As cockroaches come out at night, they can be difficult to spot. But they do leave behind some telltale signs like the following:

  • Droppings – These are cylinder-shaped and black or brown in color.
  • Shed skins – Cockroaches shed their skins several times as they mature into adulthood.
  • Smear marks on counters, in cupboards and other places where cockroaches have been.
  • A bad smell in the home that is not relieved by cleaning.

Kill Roaches, Protect Health

Cockroaches aren’t fussy about what they eat. They will eat almost anything — discarded papers, household plants, fabric, and leftover food. They can shed their skin on food items and therefore contaminate them. They can also trigger allergies, particularly in children. With bug control, Salt Lake City experts can kill them fast and help protect your family’s health.

Pest control services use pesticides to eliminate cockroaches. Households can reduce the chance of a re-infestation by sealing cracks in the walls where cockroaches may enter. Making sure that food isn’t left out and trashcans are emptied regularly also helps.

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Cockroaches are elusive. They infest food supplies and can make people sick, but pest control can kill them and simple measures may prevent their return.