DIY home decoration

Home decor is a great way to add your own style and personal touch to the interior of your home. Make your space even more unique by putting on your interior designer hat and creating your home decor yourself! Creating something yourself is a rewarding experience that enables you to develop new skills and have something to show for it. Here are some easy DIY home decor ideas that anyone can do, regardless of skill level.

  1. Vintage painting secret cabinet

If you’re the thrifty type, then this is the DIY for you! When you’re out searching for pre-loved treasures, try and find an old cabinet that opens in the front. Next, you’ll want to look for an old vintage painting that fits the color scheme of your home. You’ll then want to adhere the picture frame to the door of the cabinet. When you hang this on the wall it will look like a picture frame but is also a great secret storage option.

  1. Lampshade End Tables

If you have a decent size lampshade frame laying around, you can easily transform it into a quaint end table for your living room! You’ll need the frame itself, something round to put on top (could be wood, glass, etc.) and you will be set! If you want to make this a little sturdier, you can always adhere the frame to the material that you choose to put on top.

  1. Floating Shelf

A floating shelf makes for a great place to display smaller houseplants or other knick-knacks you may have collected. To make a round floating shelf, you’ll want to start with a round disc of wood. You can customize this yourself by picking out your favourite stain of wood and kind of rope. You’ll want a sturdy rope, as this will be holding your shelf in the air. Once you have your materials, you’ll want to flip over your wood disc to the bottom and adhere the string to it before tying the string at the top. Another option is to drill one or more holes in the wood, that are just large enough to pull the rope through. You can then tie a knot in the rope on the underside of the shelf. You can put a discreet hook in your ceiling and your shelf is ready to use!

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  1. DIY Blinds

Installing blinds may seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be really simple! You’ll want to start this project by measuring the window frame. You can get ready-made blinds for an approximate fit, or go online for cheap custom made blinds to perfectly fit your windows.. You’ll also want to decide now if you want to hang the blind on the inside of the window cavity or over the top of the window. Next, it’s time to mount the brackets. This will consist of screwing the brackets into place once they’re in the desired position. Lastly, you’ll need to clip the DIY roller blinds themselves into the brackets. Now your DIY blinds are ready to use!

  1. DIY Storage/Decorative Ladder

When you think of a decorative ladder, you may think of a place to store extra throws or blankets. This certainly is a function of a decorative ladder, but did you know that you can enhance the functionality of a decorative ladder simply by adding a few knobs to it? You can pick out any kind of decorative knobs that fit the style of your home and attach them to the ladder to store things like hats or hanging decorations.

  1. DIY Keyholder

Are you always looking for your keys? You can make a DIY keyholder by taking a piece of leftover wood and painting it to your liking. You could even stencil your favourite quote on it. Next, add some hooks so that everyone in your family has a place to hang their keys. Place your DIY keyholder by the door so that your family members can hang their keys by the door and never lose them again!

  1. Make your own linen closet
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Man ready to decorate the homeIf you’re short on storage space and want a cool and creative spot to store your towels, you can attach rectangular wicker baskets to the wall. All you’ll need to do is screw the corners into the wall to mount them. You can also place items on top of the baskets or store other items like plants inside them.

Whether you’re repurposing items that have extended their purpose or getting crafty with quirky materials that you’ve accumulated, DIY home décor projects put the fun in functionality. Not only are these ideas affordable options, but they have an added sense of personal achievement knowing that you used your own creativity and handy skills to upgrade your home.

Dan Field is cofounder at The Blinds Department. His mission is to bring Australia beautiful high quality blinds at the lowest possible price.