A guy installing tiles for the poolIf you are contemplating renovating your swimming pool, you will want to utilize the recent advancements in technology that render remodeling that is worth your while. One thing homeowners are doing is transforming their old pools into luxury swimming pools with every possible amenity.

Read on to discover some of the essential custom upgrades that can make your pool more efficient and convenient.

Automatic Pool Cover

Keeping your pool covered when not in use is imperative for the enhanced safety of your small children and pets. Covers will also come in handy in keeping your pool cleaner and free from debris, and with contractors like Dolphin-pools.com, you can have your pick of the material and style. It will also help you in preventing evaporation and maintaining your pool temperature. You should have your pool builder install an automatic cover rather than one that needs a manual operation.

Utilizing Energy Efficient Equipment

If you are looking to decrease the running costs of your swimming pool, you will find energy-efficient upgrades extremely valuable. Install LED pool lights to achieve brighter lighting while still cutting your energy consumption. You should also consider multi-speed pumps that can reduce your energy bills by up to 90%. In addition, eco-friendly cartridge filters eliminate the need for backwashing and discharging chemicals and water from the swimming pool.

Investing in an Automation System Featuring Internet Connection

Installing an automation system will eliminate your need to make multiple trips to the equipment pad. This system will allow you to program your pool pump, water temperature and light jets using a remote attached to the pad. You can also incorporate Internet connectivity that will enable you to control your automation system from a smartphone or computer irrespective of your location. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to set the water temperature and getting your spa jets going when leaving work and coming home to a perfectly heated pool.

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Investing in pool upgrades can transform your aging pool into a luxury swimming pool. Upgrading your existing pool pump, replacing the old coping with natural stone and installing LED lights are just a few upgrade ideas that can modernize its overall look.