Central Heating in Salt Lake CityCentral heating refers to the process of providing warmth to every part of the building through one single heat source located in one location. The central heating system makes just a part of a larger heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. These systems not only control the temperature, they also control the climate of the building.

The system differs from other local heating units as these units are placed in each room to providing heat. A typical central heating has heating oil, gas or coal in the furnace or boiler. In addition, electrical central heating conditioners exist but are not so popular like the gas and oil units. While the core function of a central heating unit is to supply heat throughout your house. However, due to frequent use, some parts may malfunction.

Here are some problems you may experience with central heating units:

Heat loss

This is a common problem for many homeowners. Check to see of the thermostat is set on the correct position and that the temperature is enough to activate the boiler. If you’re still not sure, have a heating contractor in Salt Lake City inspect your unit to check if its receiving power. If you’re always receiving heat in some rooms, while others are cold, it could indicate issues with your pipework. It could also be an indication of a leak or blockage.

Malfunctioned thermostat

A warm thermostat that turns cold the next minute could indicate a pending problem. If you have an old thermostat, you may consider replacing it with a new, programmable thermostat. This will help you save on your heating bills and increase your unit’s efficiency.

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Call in an experienced heating contractor if you’re still not able to identify the issue. One can help you diagnose the problem and fix any issues your system may have.