fall seasonIt’s the middle of the fall season, but this doesn’t mean it’s already late to start decorating and make sure your living spaces have that autumn look and appeal. While it’s tempting to hoist a bunch of skeletal garlands and carve some pumpkins in anticipation for Halloween, spooky isn’t always equivalent to autumn.

Relaxing Design Elements

If you want to establish the fall atmosphere in your home and throughout your living spaces, you might want to get some inspiration from your animal friends. Fall is the time when most animals start hibernating for the winter, and if you feel like falling asleep while you relax at home, then we won’t blame you. It’s natural!

Think comfy when you start decorating your living space for fall. In the living room, an easy way to do this is to place a throw blanket on the sofa and add comfy pillows. By comfy we mean something you can rest your head on and not just for decorative purposes. Keep them small, though; your sofa isn’t a bed after all.

Speaking of pillows, you won’t be able to get enough of them once autumn starts. You don’t exactly have to fill your sofa and chairs with pillows, but they should ‘dominate’ the major aesthetics of your living spaces to establish that relaxing fall atmosphere.

halloween-pumpkinPumpkin Patch and Autumn Colors

We mentioned earlier that pumpkins don’t necessarily have to dominate the overall design of your home, but that’s only the Halloween pumpkin variants. Squash-themed decorations actually look good as centerpieces for your tables, and they’re even better if you complement them with decorative scented candles.

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For autumn, orange has always been the black. Fall colors and earthy tones should dominate your living spaces. Don’t go overboard, though. A touch of orange amidst a white or verdant background goes a long way in establishing an autumn atmosphere in your home.

Finally, it’s always good to add a touch of nature in your living spaces. When it comes to fall decorations, nothing beats natural plants and flowers. This is easier if you have your own garden, as you’ll know what autumn plants make for good decorations. Make sure to complement them with decorative pine cones, cattails, and maybe a wreath made of grapevine to complete the autumn look of your home.

Bringing all these together into one cohesive design and décor is another challenge, but it becomes easier if you follow this general rule: keep it simple and relaxed. Fall is a time for relaxing and establishing a slower pace, so it’s important that your living spaces’ design reflects this. Don’t go overboard with your decorations and keep things simple and relaxed.