View of a garage doorOne of the primary uses of a garage door is to keep your property and family safe. Therefore, when its functionality is tampered with, your security is compromised. That’s why you need a qualified company to handle the job, says HomeAdvisor. Unfortunately, there are many firms masquerading as professional garage door repairers. This is why it’s critical to consider the below tips when looking for one:

1. Physical address

Any reputable and trustworthy door repair company will have a physical address, as this shows their legitimacy. If possible, visit the given location for confirmation. You can also verify the said location using Google Maps. Remember, a business with a physical address is also likely to take responsibilities for their actions. Steer clear of any company that gives you phoney addresses. In fact, this alone should be a red flag.

2. Request for a portfolio of past clients

A successful door repair company will have a list of past clients. Ask for this list and their corresponding addresses. Call some of them, especially the ones who had a case that is similar you what you seek. For example, if you want a roller door repair in your house in Brisbane or any other location, be sure to talk to clients who had a similar type of garage door. Ask them if the services were satisfactorily done and whether it was within their set budget.

3. Get multiple bids

It will be a wise idea to request for multiple bids from a number of contractors. This will show you just how important the company takes you as a client depending on their responsiveness. It will also reveal you the average cost of the service and what you should consider as a great deal.

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Considering the dire consequences that can culminate from working with an amateur, finding the right garage door repair can be overwhelming. However, when armed with the above factors, you will be able to tell a good apple from the bad ones.