Baby in a BathtubBathing in a tub comes with various benefits, from convenience to health enhancement. With this, it is safe to say that you can enjoy more shower and bathing features if you choose to purchase a walk-in tub with a shower. In Denver and other cities in Colorado, this kind of tub has become popular for those who have someone in their family whose mobility is limited.

Here are some specific reasons why you should buy a walk-in tub.

1. A walk-in tub keeps you from falling.

A walk-in tub provides a safety grab rail, low bottom entry, or wheelchair accessibility to make it easy for a senior or mobility-challenged individual to step inside and outside the tub. It has a non-skid floor, so you need not worry about slipping or falling. Furthermore, it has an airtight door seal and compliant seat specially designed for people with mobility disability.

Caregivers and family members can have peace of mind knowing that their relatives are safe as they bathe alone.

2. It enables you to bathe independently.

Seniors feel a loss of independence and dignity when they seek assistance in bathing. With a walk-in bathtub, seniors can bathe safely and comfortably on their own. Maintaining one’s dignity and independence makes any person happy and secure, especially in their golden years.

3. It provides a therapeutic effect.

Some walk-in tubs are designed for hydrotherapy. The warm water from these tubs can relieve joint and muscle pains, and improve blood circulation. With its depth twice that of the regular tub, one can submerge deeper into the tub and enjoy the luxury of a gentle body massage.

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4. It offers flexibility.

Aside from being a deep soaking tub, a walk-in tub can also function as a built-in shower. The tub comes with a faucet and a shower head that you can hang on a rod. You may choose to use the shower standing up or sitting down depending on your preference. Should you want to purchase a walk-in tub with a shower, check the directory and find a good store in Denver or nearby cities.

Don’t let your age immobilize you. You can find accessibility equipment like walk-in tubs that can help you move around with ease and comfort. Just make sure to purchase them from reputable companies to get your money’s worth.