Interior Design TrendsHome renovations can happen at any time of the year, and residents strive hard to keep up with trends, as these constantly change and some fads do not stay for more than a year.

Last year, you might have had a phase where your home was suddenly transported back to the 70s, as well as bold, brash colour clashes and mixed materials. This year, you will be dealing with florals and geometrics along with greys and greens. Before you look for a house painter in Westchester, such as Palette Pro Painting, here are some interior design ideas that you could incorporate into your home.

Baroque and Botanical

If you are looking for furniture that looks sophisticated, but not out of place, then tropical designs mixed with deep, bold colours work best, giving your space a baroque feel.

Wildlife Inspiration

Bring the feel of the jungle into your home, as one of this year’s styles include faux animal prints and ethnic textiles. From leopards and cheetahs to giraffes and elephants, make animals come alive and give your home a wild appeal. These include beadwork and homeware made of recycled materials.

Florals and Geometrics

Striking patterns mixed with delicate florals are set to be a big hit this year, as the latter softens the feel of this trend. If you are going full on shapes, hexagons are timelessly chic. For something a little more homely and spiritual, Mandalas, a spiritual symbol in Hindu culture, are attractive features in homes this 2017.

Lush Greens and Smoky Violets

One of the biggest trends this year is green – forest green to be exact. Using this colour is especially perfect for those who are going for Scandinavian-inspired interiors. Often associated with growth and prosperity, this colour can turn your living space into a cosy nook where you can unwind and recharge.

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Violets and greens work best with natural wood and wicker, which balances the aspects of earth and nature in the home.

Should you decide to reinvent your style and let your house do the talking, consult with the nearest contractors and painters on how you can incorporate these colours and designs into your home.