Modern fireplace in a houseWith heating and cooling costs continuously rising every year, many Utah homeowners have begun to explore ways to cut back on their utility bills. The good news is, there are many ways to do this while also improving your home’s functionalities and aesthetics.

Here are some of these additions you should consider investing in:

Fireplace or fire pit

Installed properly, a new contemporary fireplace can do wonders to the overall livability and value of your property. Comfort Solutions says that this is especially true during the state’s winter seasons, which come with harsh below-freezing temperatures. Used properly and in conjunction with your home heating appliance, such as the furnace or boiler, it can help minimize your utility bills. As fireplaces exude charm, beauty, and sophistication, having one in your home adds to its overall appeal.

Energy-efficient windows

Your windows are another good place to start, especially when you’ve noticed an increase in chilly drafts indoors. These don’t only bring comfort level down, they also force you to turn up the heat inside your home to remain warm. Your increased heater use then results in your utility bills rising and your wallet suffering.  

Nowadays, you’ll find innovative windows that boast of higher energy-efficiency rating that can keep excessive heat gains and losses. These also offer you with a great way to replace old and worn windows that give your home a dingy-looking, in-disrepair appearance.

Window covers and treatments

To maximize your investments on energy-efficient windows, install covers or use treatments on them. You have many options to choose from — blinds, shutters, awnings, sunscreens, tints, and films. As long as you choose the right materials, you can further protect your home from the impact of chilly temperatures and harsh heat. Plus, they also reinforce your windows, making them an even more beneficial addition to your home.

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There are many other home additions you can greatly benefit from, but these three are some of the best to start with.