Inside a home kitchenIf you’re a homemaker, you’d know how easy it is for a house to get untidy or smelly. This could happen if worn clothes aren’t laundered, dirty plates aren’t washed, and the trash isn’t taken out or disposed of. Thankfully, today’s modern households have appliances that do these chores, like washing machines, dishwashers, and garbage disposal units.

That’s why it’s important to keep these appliances well maintained. Refrigerator repair experts in West Valley note that malfunctioning appliances pose dangers to the family, which is why repair services exist to ensure your safety. Here are three pointers on how these appliances keep things fresh and clean at home, what causes them to malfunction, and what steps to do in case repairs are needed.

Washing machine

Also known as washers, this appliance cleans clothes by immersing them in water mixed with detergent. The washer moves the clothes around the detergent water in a spinning motion until they’re free of dirt and smell. After this, the water is drained out of the washer.

A washing machine could malfunction if the drainage hose gets clogged or if the washer leaks while spinning. Putting in too many clothes could also cause the washer to stop spinning. A repairman could fix this by tightening loose parts to stop leaks, unclogging the hose manually, and replacing either the lid switch that tells the washer to spin or the motor that powers the spin.


Whereas the washing machine cleans clothes, the dishwasher cleans dishes and utensils. Once these are placed in the dishwasher, the appliance will spray a jet of heated water unto the dishes. Detergent water is also sprayed, and the dishes are rinsed until they’re free of morsels or soap suds.

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A dishwasher could stop working if food particles or debris clog the valves that water flows through. In this case, a repair team can check the inside of the dishwasher for you. They have tools designed to handle the fragile parts of the appliance.

Garbage disposal unit

This appliance is normally installed under a kitchen sink and is used for shredding food waste until they are small enough to go through the drainage pipes. There is an electric motor that creates a circular motion for the shredding, and this could malfunction if you put bones, grease, and other things that disrupt the motor.

A garbage disposal unit could get jammed if this happens, and it’s best to hire a repair team to fix it since the appliance needs to be accessed under the kitchen sink. Whether you’re in Millcreek or West Valley, repairs for refrigerators, dishwashers, or any home appliance is a must. Malfunctioning appliances pose dangers to the family, which is why repair services exist to ensure your safety.