Technician checking a refrigeratorThere are several reasons you should avoid calling the local handyman if you need an appliance serviced. They are probably not licensed to fix your appliance, and may only rely on guesswork when trying to fix it, as they don’t have the training and certification. They may also charge more if they have to replace a part, as they probably don’t stock such parts and have to go out and buy them, which also delays the job.

To choose the right technician for appliance service in Utah, ask these questions:

Are They Licensed?

A license is proof that they are capable and equipped to fix your appliances. They went through training and got some education before they could earn that license. A license is also one of the proofs that they operate legally in your area.

Will They Service Your Appliance in Your Home?

You don’t want the hassle of taking a large refrigerator to a service center. You might even damage the appliance more during loading and unloading, or during transit. A technician should be able to visit you at home with one call, to repair your appliance.

Do They Have the Experience?

Apart from the license, experience is an important qualification. A technician or service company with years of experience is probably more dependable than a neophyte handyman. Experience gives them the knowledge to handle almost any appliance and know what’s wrong with it almost immediately.

Do They Have Warranties?

A handyman is not likely to give you a written warranty on your appliance. Each time the damage reoccurs within a short span of time, you have to pay them again. A professional covers their work with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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Are They Drug-Free?

You don’t want some guy coming to your house unless you’re sure they’re not drunk or high. A professional service technician can provide proof that they are drug-free, and they exhibit a courteous and friendly disposition.

Don’t let just any stranger come to your home if you need some appliances looked at. Call only a professional to be sure of the quality of their work, and your safety and peace of mind.