a white carpetIt is typical for you to panic once a broken pipe spreads water all over your home, or water from your drain backs up. The damage you can expect will range from dampened furniture and carpet.

In the case of sewage back up, you will expose your family to a variety of diseases if you fail to conduct water damage restoration soon.

The first step is to switch off your water supply before proceeding to dry your carpet. Here are three tips that will come in handy in recovering your carpet.

Remove the items

Before proceeding to mitigate the affected area, you ought to remove all your furniture and carpets from the affected portion. While simple floods from your pipe mean you can still use your carpet, water damage from sewer backup may require you to throw away the carpet.

In case you find this as a difficult job, you can always contact experts in water damage restoration here in Salt Lake City.

Dry the water

Your carpet will typically be soaked in dirty water after a flood. As a result, it is mandatory that you evaporate the water to minimize mold and bacteria growth. In case you want to do the project yourself, you can use a fan or a hairdryer.

Alternatively, use an industrial air mover since it will work faster and more efficiently.

Dehumidify the place

Once you are done drying your carpets, you will need to make sure that your home is conducive enough to place back your furniture and carpets. Open up our windows and use industrial dehumidifiers to lower the humidity inside your room and prevent any further damage.

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Additionally, heat up the air to make sure that enough water gets evaporated. This will ensure that your carpet doesn’t get contaminated once you place it back.

Water damage can quickly ruin the visual appeal of your home, not to mention expose you to infections. While the damage is easy to address with the help of professionals, you should work towards preventing it. Follow the above tips and save your carpet.