Hospitality Business in QueenslandAre you planning to go on a vacation? Unless you intend to camp out under the stars in the outback, then finding a suitable accommodation is one of the things you need to do first. If you are planning to start a tourism and hospitality business, your potential guests would have the same questions and concerns.

You might be wondering what type of property you will build, buy or manage. You are probably torn between a hotel and a house that you can rent out to travellers. Learn the difference between these options so you can make an informed decision about your future investment.


You know that hotels offer great service and are specifically designed for travellers. These accommodation properties display consistency in terms of amenities and quality of service. If you want to make your business profitable, you must invest in a comfortable and friendly ambience. You may offer freebies to encourage more guests to stay in your hotel and improve your customer retention rate. Comfort, security and value for money are amongst the best things you can give your patrons.

Alternative Accommodations

You might have heard about business models that work for people who want to rent out their homes to tourists. This is a promising venture, as it is quickly gaining popularity in Queensland and other states in Australia. Even those who own small apartment complexes and have management rights are starting to let their rooms to travellers on a short-term basis.

These properties offer tourists a unique experience and perhaps a more in-depth exposure to the local culture. The prices can be lower than what large hotel chains offer, but this encourages more tourists to choose alternative accommodations.

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Starting a hospitality business is never easy, but you can ensure success if you do things right from the beginning. Start with choosing the right type of accommodation property to build, buy or manage.