Technician fixing furnaceFurnaces make sounds as part of their usual operation. These regular noises let you know that unit is working, giving you your desired indoor temperature. What about those sounds that mean the otherwise? It is important to know the sound or noises your furnace should not be making.


If you hear loud clicking noises coming out your furnace, it might be because of a loose bolt or faulty flame sensor. Heating service companies in Indiana note that this could also mean a problem between the gas and the ignition.

Even if you can tolerate clicking noises, it is best to call heating service experts to avoid further problems.


It is common for homeowners to hear booming noises when the unit starts up. This is not a cause for concern if the booming sound is soft and does not happen frequently. If it is loud and happens constantly, it might be due to a delayed furnace ignition.


If you haven’t used the system for quite some time, you are likely to hear chirping noises. This sound, however, shouldn’t linger too long. If the chirping sounds don’t go away, it can mean a lot of things — worn out bearings, warped mounting plate, wheel misalignment, and so forth.

The only way to know the exact problem is to call a heating service expert.


Hearing clanking noises every time the unit clicks on and off could indicate a broken or a loose belt. This can pose further problems, as the belt could end up hitting other components. If not resolved, this can cause damage to the heating system. Don’t ignore this noise and call an expert as soon as you hear it.

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When you hear noises you believe are not a part of the furnace’s normal operation, contact professional heating experts. You could also rely on experts for professional cleaning and inspection to make sure the unit is in good working condition.