Timber FlooringWhen it comes to flooring applications, Jarrah is one of the most preferred types of timber. It is known for its beautiful colour and grain, and for its impressive durability and versatility. These qualities make Jarrah stand out from other hardwood species available in the market. It is a versatile and smart option for various home applications like flooring and decking.

Here are some interesting things and other basic information about this exceptional kind of wood.

Where to find Jarrah

Jarrah is a eucalyptus species commonly found in the plains of Western Australia’s southwestern region. They mostly thrive in gravelly soil, but other trees can also grow in areas with sandy or loamy soil.

Tree characteristics

Jarrah trees grow up to 50 meters high, with trunks that can grow as big as 3 meters in diameter. They are characterised by their straight trunks. Their long, slender bodies don’t grow branches in the lower parts. The colour of its foliage ranges from dark green to light green. Jarrah’s leaf has a unique feature – its edges have a light coloured vein that outlines the leaf shape.

Jarrah as hardwood

Jarrah, as a hardwood species, is not only popular in Western Australia, but also in other parts of the country. It is famous for its unique range of colours such as deep red, orange, pale yellow, and brown. This characteristic makes it a favourite option for different architectural and structural designs.


Other than its aesthetic properties, Jarrah is also well known for its durability. It is long lasting and resistant to harsh weather conditions. This is the reason Planet Timbers and many companies offering Jarrah flooring in Perth recommend it for outdoor uses such as in poolside decks and patios. When you use Jarrah, there’s also no need to worry about damage due to termites and marine borers.

Undoubtedly, Jarrah is one of the best timbers you can find in the market. Learn more about it by talking to qualified suppliers and flooring contractors specialising in this kind of hardwood.