wood and brick themed kitchenThere are various things your kitchen can do without, and countertops are not among them. These are your kitchen’s workhorse and typically occupy the widest surface area. They’re also key aesthetic elements. Drab countertops can dampen not just the look of your kitchen but also your motivation to whip up mouth-watering dishes. You’ll want your kitchen to be welcoming; it is the heartbeat of a home, says Accent Interiors, a company that provides custom kitchen counters in Salt Lake, Utah.

Countertops are under constant stress and wear out fast. As a result, homeowners often include them when they remodel their kitchens. Here are some trends that should inspire your choice of kitchen countertops.

Leather and Honed Finishes

Interior design trends are moving towards tactile and textured surfaces. You can incorporate this into your kitchen by choosing a honed or leather countertop finish. A honed finish is matte with little or no shine. It works well with marble; the lack of shine conceals scratch marks and flaws. A leather finish, meanwhile, has a soft sheen and retains your stone’s original color. It looks more sophisticated compared to the honed finish, and it hides water spots and fingerprints.

Vein Patterns

Realistic veining thanks to technological advancements can add character to your countertops. Manufacturers can now add swirling veins and interesting patterns onto slabs of natural stone. These designs look quite realistic and can enhance the look of your kitchen. Furthermore, various types of these veined stone countertops are durable.

Neutral Tones

Bright countertop colors are now falling out of favor with most homeowners. Neutral colors like beige, white, and soft grey are currently the choice colors for countertops. They give off an airy, bright feel in natural lighting, which is an advantage since most kitchens have wide windows. Your kitchen will then look and feel bigger than it actually is.

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The above countertop trends are bound to transform your kitchen into a contemporary cooking space. Given the various innovations in manufacturing, these accents cost less to produce and therefore have reasonable price tags. Buying them won’t leave a dent in your pocket.