Large beautiful houseEveryone has their dream house. Some could be impractical in terms of the materials and location, but others could be possible. It’ll take a bit of effort to have your dream home translated into an actual house, though. To get started, here are some things to talk to your builder about:


When you imagine your dream home, it is not just on a patch of land with nothing else beyond it. You see the landscape and the neighbourhood–everything. It makes sense to talk to your builder about great locations for new homes. Their expertise in building homes helps you decide on where to settle down. They can also help you determine the location in Townsville that is favourable for your family’s needs. Remember, you need to consider the proximity to hospitals, schools and other vital infrastructures.


In your dreams, you own the biggest house. That might need a bit of scaling down if you don’t have the whole block to yourself or the money to build a house of such proportions. You can still get all the features you want to include in a more manageable house, though. Talk to your builder about the plan for the house, and make the necessary size adjustments as needed. You do not need a room as big as your neighbour’s house, after all.


A dream house defies financial limitations when you’re only conceptualising it, but when it comes to having it built, you do need to look at the numbers. This requires transparency; tell your mortgage provider about your honest financial situation and talk to your builder about the cost of materials that will significantly impact the house building budget. You may also consider looking at houses that fit your dream house, instead of having one built. It all depends on your budget, so keep your options open.

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Yes, your dream house can exist in the real world. For that to happen, however, you need careful planning.