Mother and daughter in a plunge poolA plunge pool is bigger than a spa but smaller than a regular swimming pool. It is like a spa and a swimming pool combined. Small and shallow, it is perfect for lounging, cooling-off, wading, and doing low impact exercises.

Small plunge pools came into popularity due to the demand for pools that could fit into limited spaces. Are you thinking of installing one in your home? Here are some of the benefits you stand to reap:

Low maintenance costs

Many home-owners prefer plunge pools instead of the regular-sized swimming pools because of their lower maintenance and operational costs. Plunge pools do not use a lot of water, so they also do not require a lot of chemicals. The fewer chemicals you use, the more your health and the environment will benefit from it.

Increased home value

Plunge pools can also fit in almost any backyard or garden. On top of that, they add great value to a home when it is time to sell.


Your plunge pool does not have to be an ordinary one. To make it more fun and exciting, you can have it customised based on your needs. If you want to get some exercise by doing some laps, for instance, you can have it fitted with a resistance jet, which allows you to swim in place.

Easy temperature control

Temperature control is another amazing feature of plunge pools. Because of their small size, it is much easier to cool or warm them as needed. Additionally, if you want to get some soothing massage therapy, you can add jets that pump water to give you a relaxing targeted massage while you soak in your plunge pool.

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Plunge pools are great for home-owners who want a swimming pool but do not have enough outdoor space and do not want to deal with the operational and maintenance costs of a regular swimming pool.