isolated opened empty refrigerator on white backgroundRepeated repairs incur maintenance costs that may already be beyond the budget you have set. Should you buy a new refrigerator? The answer is leaning towards “Yes” if any of the three problems discussed below persist and keep on getting your attention.

Melted ice cream and warm milk

When the refrigerator is not cooling food as it should, then you should try a few fixes first. Check the thermostat first. Someone may have inadvertently changed the temperature setting. Check the vacuum coils for clogging next.

Troubleshooting clogged coils and poorly set thermostats usually solve the problem. However, the problem may be originating from the condenser fan. If you have no idea where the component is, and how to clean it up, then call a professional to service the fridge.

A perpetual puddle of water

Professional fridge repair companies in Salt Lake City such as All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. are often called upon to perform home service for water leakage. Defrost drains blocked by the debris of pieces of food transforms the freezer into a Winter Wonderland, which then leads to leakage.

The water supply line may also have a blockage. Leave this problem to the professionals.

Winter is a mainstay in the freezer

Buildup of ice is never a good thing. The freezer should keep food frozen, but it should not be too frosty in there. Ice buildup indicates greater than normal humidity levels. When failure of the door to close all the way is the problem, just be more attentive about sealing the door properly.

However, the seal may already be faulty. Cleaning the seal with soap and warm water may solve the issue. Count yourself lucky if this solves the icing problem.

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In some cases, the defrosting feature may be malfunctioning. For problems beyond your capacity to solve, you may have to consult with professionals. Alternatively, if the fridge is already advancing in age, check your budget to see whether you have money to spare for a new unit.

Are you having problems with your fridge? You do not have to worry. Help is a phone call away.