Fixing a roofBuilding a house costs a lot of money, but it also brings about a lot of challenges when it comes to design and decor.

One area that can be a challenge is the roof. Not only do you have to decide on the material to use but also choose the most suitable design for your structure. Save yourself the trouble of making these decisions and leave it to roofing contractors in Sarasota like Sonshine Roofing to build the roof for your house. Here are some options they could consider for your home.

Traditional stick framing

When a carpenter brings sticks of lumber, either two by six, eight, ten or 12 to your site, they are likely framing your roof the traditional way. Typically, they cut the wood and fit it to a roof system. This option is cheaper if your home is located in a remote place that is not easily accessible.

Timber framing

Sometimes the craftsmen will put together several timbers and join them to make a skeleton that doesn’t need extra support. If you want a frame that looks aesthetically pleasing but still functional, this is the way to go. This approach creates beautiful structures. Compared to stick framing, this one will cost you more in its construction. Including plumbing and wiring will also be technical and time-consuming.

Wood Trusses

These will be designed off-site and delivered with a plan for placing them. They are cost effective, fast to install and less demanding because they don’t need special tools. With these, you can seal the roof in any way that suits you. Additionally, because they are delivered premade, there is no waste at the job site although they will require prior detailed planning.

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Before you hire a contractor, you want to inquire about the roof structures that they often build. You also want to know the best option for the design of your roof. It is best to find professionals who have your best interests at heart.