landscape gardenerLandscaping is one thing that most people tend to take for granted when it comes to increasing their home’s value and curb appeal. Many tend to focus on what’s inside the house, leaving the front porch and its surroundings mediocre and barely noticeable.

It’s important to remember that first impressions last a long time. Since the outside of the home is usually the first thing people see, you really need to make a good impression. Good landscaping doesn’t have to be pricey, though; there are many simple ways you can increase your home’s curb appeal without breaking your wallet.

Flower Power

Who doesn’t like flowers? Unless you’re allergic, flowers are great landscaping elements that you can use for your front porch, as these can make your home look more welcoming. Some of the best flowers for adorning your home’s entrance are Petunias, Snapdragons, and roses. Ferns and bushes are also visually appealing, but you need to get rid of any decaying plants or weeds unless you’re going for a haunted mansion theme for your home.

If your home has a driveway, the same rules apply. Many people don’t exactly like seeing a visible driveway since it makes the house look industrial. Flowers and bushes are a great way to hide your driveway, as well as a simple fencing you can use to set up crawling plants and vines. Even if the path is expertly designed with cobblestone, adding verdant bushes and colorful flowers on the side is a simple way to increase its overall visual appeal.

Buffing the Backyard

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After going through the living spaces of your home, guests and potential buyers may want to take a look at your backyard. Whether you have a full garden or simple, wide open spaces where children and pets can play, it’s important to keep the grass trimmed and weed-free.

BackyardIdeally, you’ll want a “natural-looking” backyard that has the same design elements as your house’s front. But, you have to make it distinct to avoid reusing design elements. If your front porch is dominated by colorful flowers and verdant bushes, make your backyard more “earthy.” Decorative stones and logs are great additions for your rose bushes and garden plots, and they both act as “natural” alternatives to small-scale fencing.

Pathways are also great additions to any backyard, even if the space is relatively small. Hedges and bushes are ideal, as they look more natural, although you can’t go wrong with stone borders. Mixing the two is even better, especially if it all leads to a secluded area where you and your guests can dine and relax.

Apart from your home’s interiors, increasing the visual appeal of both your front porch and backyard is important to improve your home’s aesthetics. First impressions matter the most, after all. So, let these simple landscaping tips help you increase your home’s visual appeal.