Wooden StaircaseYour staircase offers more than a method to go from one floor to another: well-maintained stairs also add a distinct appeal to your home. To keep that appeal, proper maintenance is key.

As staircases are made from various materials such as wood, steel and glass it's important to follow appropriate maintenance guidelines. When unsure of how you can properly maintain your stairs, ask for tips from your staircase manufacturer.

If your home has a wooden staircase, read on to find tips on how you can maintain its unique appeal:

1. Cleaning

Regular cleaning such as sweeping and vacuuming can help maintain the integrity of your staircase in more ways than you imagine. Wipe spills and wet spots right away, for instance, to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood. It also helps to make sure the cleaner you're using for your staircase is designed for your specific type of floor finish.

2. Oiling and Waxing

Wooden staircases have a distinct, natural shine. Time and usage, however, can dull their shine, thus the need for waxing and oiling. Using beeswax is great for certain kinds of wood such as oak. If your staircase is older, however, you might need to take on a more comprehensive approach. You can try sanding it to revive its natural finish, or you may opt to refinish it with wax or polish.

3. Dent repairs

You can easily fix surface scratches through buffing and waxing. For deeper dents, meanwhile, you may try rubbing on some penetrating finish using steel wool. Use rugs or carpets to protect your staircase from damage in the future.

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4. Mold removal

It’s easy to remove molds by wiping. It is possible, however, for it to recur especially in a damp environment. To prevent mold from forming again, use a homemade disinfectant from bleach and water. This solution is relatively safe for wooden staircases.

Spruce up your home by paying extra attention to your staircase. A well-maintained staircase can give your home a fresh, new look the way new furniture can.