closeup of a hand leveling the grassThe blistering heat during the summer never fails to take a toll on lawns. Here are easy-to-follow care tips for your yard during the summer to help maintain that lush green all throughout the season.

Lawn Prep for the Start of Summer

Now is the perfect time to give your lawn a dose of fertilizer to strengthen grassroots and keep the soil in the pink so it can better withstand the dryness from the blistering summer heat.

It’s also a good time for pest prevention for the lawn as insects and bugs thrive best in warm and hot climates. Keep your lawn in good shape and prevent dead patches from happening by starting with the treatment as early as the first week of summer.

Maintenance During Summer

Proper watering is vital in keeping your lawn and plants healthy and lush. Feed the lawn every few weeks to improve the lushness of the lawn. This step helps to make the roots healthier, stronger, and more resilient even in the hottest days of summer. As summers in Utah can become extremely hot, lawn care in the western state becomes more crucial.

Weeds and pests can become a persistent issue at this point, but if you take the necessary preventive measures at the beginning of the season, the problem becomes more manageable. Continue with weekly spot treatments to keep your lawn in good health.

Also, keep the grass blades tall because the turf serves as shade to the soil. It prevents the dirt from getting too hot, allowing the earth to retain moisture much longer.

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Water Early During Late Summer

Keep your lawn looking lush and green by watering in the morning. The ideal watering time is between 4 am to 10 am, before the temperature gets too hot, and the heat builds up in the soil. This allows the lawn to absorb water better and reduce moisture loss due to evaporation because it’s cooler and there’s less sunlight.

Keeping your lawn healthy throughout the summer may seem like an impossible task, but with a summer proof maintenance checklist, you can be sure to keep a lush green lawn all throughout the season.