Spring cleaningSpring cleaning or any other major house clean-up is a daunting task, but an important one. After all, you want to keep your home as highly livable as possible, and all those months must have resulted in the accumulation of dust, debris, clutter, and unwanted stuff.

Several things can make this home maintenance project a lot less challenging. Follow these strategies that Rubbishworks.com has collated, and you’ll soon enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more aesthetically-pleasing abode.

Making a list – and following through

First things first: Go through the entire house and take note of the things you no longer need. From here, you may want to further categorize them into sections such as ‘for disposal,’ ‘for sale’, or ‘for donations’.

This will help simplify things once you’re ready to haul them all out. It’ll also help you figure out the quantity of stuff you need rubbish removers to take from your home, which you may need when getting an estimate.


Just like how portioning your meals is important to proper and healthy weight loss, the same goes true when dealing with a task as huge and intimidating as a whole-house clean-up. Big tasks can be quite scary, and thinking of everything all at once increases the risks of giving up soon.

Thus, separating them into smaller portions – such as taking it one room at a time – makes sense. Aside from helping you focus better, you can also give yourself some patting on the back with the small achievements, further fueling you up to finish the entire project.

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Have everyone pitch in

Home cleaning is as good as any time to have your kids learn more about responsibilities, especially since this directly affects their health and well-being too. Besides, you can use this as an opportunity to bond and spend quality time with them.

Just don’t forget to reward yourself for finishing this major project, and your little ones for helping out.