A modern bathroom designIf you have been living in the same house for years now and have only conducted very minimal upgrades, chances are your bathroom is one of the spaces you have left untouched. Well, you may have repainted the walls or repaired the sink, but the overall look remains pretty much the same.

Most likely, you are unaware that there are countless styles and options if you want to redesign your bathroom; just look for experts in bathroom remodel in Layton to help you with your project. Bathroom vanities, for one, come in several different styles, shapes and sizes.

Glass bathroom vanities

Glass vanities are commonly more contemporary in construction and design compared to the other types. Made from premium durable glass, this kind of vanities blend glass with other finished materials, including steel and wood to provide a very stylized feel and look. The wall-mounted vanity is probably the most known glass vanity style for it gives your bathroom with a more open feeling. It also offers basic function and storage.

Contemporary bathroom vanities

Contemporary vanities are available in double and single sink classifications. These have a more modern design compared to other types of vanities and usually incorporate unique styles and details. These are ideal for forward-thinkers because they offer a distinct appeal and style.

Antique bathroom vanities

Antique bathroom vanities are not really antique by age. You can actually refer to them as modern antique bathroom vanities since they only got their design inspiration from antique styles and designs. For these kinds of vanities, turn-of-the-century craftsmanship is prevalent. It incorporates finely carved highlights and facades, which is a look that certainly demands attention.

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When choosing a bathroom vanity, you have plenty of options, and this article just lists three of them. From chic glass vanities and unique contemporaries to intricate antique designs, you will find a style that matches the décor of your bathroom.