pregnant womanPregnancy is an exciting time in a mother’s life. It comes with numerous changes, though. While sleep is essential for the health of the baby and mother, it may be elusive especially in the last trimester. With this in mind, it is important to put into place measures that will encourage good sleep. Below are some tips.

Get a quality mattress

In pregnancy, the body requires proper support to keep it well aligned. If your current one is not serving your evolving needs, you will have to visit a mattress store like for an appropriate one. A firm mattress exerts too much pressure while one that is too soft will make it hard to move on the bed due to sinking. Opt for a mattress that sufficiently firm and well-built to hold your body comfortably as you rejuvenate.

Adjust your sleeping position

The wrong sleeping posture during pregnancy will accelerate discomfort. It will cause shortness of breath, heartburn, and increase back pain. To get quality rest, sleep in the right position. It is recommended that you sleep on the left side to allow sufficient flow of blood and alleviate compression exerted on the uterus. This position is also known to relieve pain on your back and allow for better breathing.

Take short naps

While napping offers great rest for an expectant mother, it should be controlled lest the daytime breaks develop into a deep set sleeping cycle. Take short naps of 30 minutes and spread them throughout the day to help fight fatigue. This way, there will be no interference with nighttime sleep.

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As delivery draws closer, nesting instincts naturally kick in. The anticipation may also get you panicking and doing too much. Avoid this by organizing your chores and delegating where necessary. This way, you will be at ease, and your sleep will not be affected much as you wait for your bundle of joy.