front doorPeople are becoming more careful and vigilant when it comes to their homes. We all should be. Although the crime rates have dropped across New South Wales, police warn against complacency. Installing a security screen door to your home has many benefits aside from improving security.

Several types of security doors are available. From a simple dead-bolt to laser cut screens, security is an increasing concern, particularly in urban areas like Sydney. As well as increasing security, security doors and screens are designed to bring other benefits to your home.

Keeps Those Pests Away

Nobody wants insects pestering their homes or small rodents scuttling through the back door. A security screen door means that you can keep your house breezy without being invaded by mosquitoes, flies and other unhealthy bugs. Sure, you can use sprays or have a pest control company call over, but instead of temporary solutions, reduce the risks before the situation becomes out of control. Having a security screen will also keep your home free from any debris such as twigs and leaves, especially during a windy day.

Prevents your Pets and Kids from Going Out Accidentally

We get it ‒ you are worried about your pets and children getting out of the house if you ever leave the door open. Security screens are lockable and add an extra layer of security. It can also be locked while the main door is left open, leaving the room naturally ventilated.

Adds Value to your Home

Security screen doors come in a variety of designs or can be customised. They are aesthetically pleasing, and can then add value to your home by improving security and looks. If you are planning on selling your home soon, then investing in a security screen door makes sense.

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Consider the options before investing in security screen doors. Security is serious, but it doesn’t have to be unattractive as well.