Two couples celebrating at a partyCelebrating Christmas at work is a great way to unite the workforce. It brings joy to the employees and reinforces camaraderie in the name of festivities and mistletoes. If you’re planning to celebrate Christmas with your team, make sure to make it memorable with these ideas:

Take time to decorate

Whether you’re renting a commercial space or just spending the party in your office, don’t forget to ornament your surroundings with Christmas decorations. Don’t forget to adorn the walls or the ceiling with Christmas lights to make it glow. Remember, though, to choose the right kind and practice safety precautions. If you plan to light up the exterior of an entire building, for instance, only use Christmas lights made for commercial purposes. And don’t forget to set up your Christmas tree for the gifts and giveaways.

Invite family members

The celebration shouldn’t be limited to those working for the company. Open the guest list to one or two family members per staff. This can strengthen relationships and build trust as your colleagues get to know each other’s loved ones. And making the Christmas party a family affair can also encourage more people to attend for the reason that they can bring their kids without worrying about getting a babysitter.

More food, less alcohol

Know that people can have a good time without taking a shot of tequila. So it’s better to celebrate without the buzz, so everybody gets to enjoy a clean, fun time and go home safely, especially since it’s a family affair. If the budget is huge for food and beverage, assign funds to giveaways such as candies and cookies for the kids. You can also serve alternative drinks such as mocktails, fruit juices, and alcohol-free punches. Don’t forget, however, to inform your invitees ahead of the alcohol-free event to set the right expectations.

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