Home exteriorWhile you most likely want a remarkable house that stands out in your neighborhood in Utah, you also want a home that blends with everything. A good way to achieve this is to create symmetry for the exterior part of your home.

Balance Shapes with Symmetry

A symmetrical exterior property attracts attention, enhancing its curb appeal. But it does not overwhelm the overall look of the neighborhood. So what does a symmetrical house look like?

For example, the door of a Georgian home is at the center, while its windows equally flank each side. There are even homes that achieve balance or symmetry through its equally positioned dormers or pointed roof lines.

Several methods help generate a balanced exterior of a home, ranging from noticeable symmetry to subtle versions. Either way, your home’s exterior must have a balanced and proportional design. 

Your Entryway as a Focal Point

Your front door can act as your exterior home’s focal point. The style, color, and material will depend on the architecture of your home, e.g., modern, Craftsman, Colonial, or Mediterranean. But as you consider your design options, don’t neglect the need for a sturdy entryway. Price’s Guaranteed Doors explains that wood doors have a tendency for wear and tear, especially when you are in an area with extreme weather conditions.

If so, choose a front door that can stand against harsh elements. 

In addition to strength, consider colors that make your entryway an outstanding focal point. You can add shade that opposes your siding and trim colors. You can also select a darker or lighter color that mimics the siding and trim.

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Other focal points to consider are your pathway and landscaping. These features also serve to draw attention.

Symmetrical exterior homes are appealing to the eye. Moreover, they match any architecture. Whether you have a Georgian or Mediterranean style home, you can introduce balance to the outside of your home and enhance your curb appeal.