Three kids with floater in swimming poolAre you a homeowner and have gone the extra mile to have a swimming pool as an addition to your backyard? If so, a pool heat pump is the perfect way to heat your pool while saving energy and money. You also get to extend the swimming season with friends and family.

But, first thing’s first, what will affect your purchase?

Local building codes

Different states have different regulations, and you might need to consider this before installing your pool heat pump. Being in adherence to your state’s building regulations is a good place to start. Call your local shire for information.

Your choice of contractor

Getting the right pool heat pump contractor is very important. You do not want someone to just do the job. You need them to advise you as well on the most efficient tools to get. Apart from the specific parts, they will know how to maintain your heat pump. Ensure they possess the right type of licensing and certification. As always, experience in the field is an advantage for your project.

Size Heat Pump

You need to get a heat pump that is appropriate for your pool. The size of the pump you should get depends on the size and location of your pool. A specialised pool heat pump contractor is the best person to advise you on these details. If you get a heat pump that is too big or too small for your pool, you risk efficiency and higher costs.

The thermal performance

Check the thermal performance rating of the heat pump before taking one home. A higher number indicates that it is highly efficient and remember make sure it complies with the requirements of your residential building or area.

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Once you get a pool heat pump, relax and enjoy the days and nights of relaxation in a warm pool in your own backyard.