Woman called for help to install her retractable screen doorDoors are essential parts of the house. They keep people safe and ward off unwanted intruders with their secure locks and bolts. Doors are also critical to maintaining privacy. In Singapore, accessories are added to windows and doors to improve their aesthetics and function.

Screen doors and storm doors are two examples of additional structures that you can add to protect the home against the elements. Let us take a closer look at the function of each one.

Retractable Screen Doors

This screen door is flexible and can retract or roll up when attached to one end of the door jamb. What makes it unique is that it is meant to retract vertically and not horizontally. They offer protection against insects and dry leaves that may fly in from the yard.

During the warm months, these screen doors allow home-owners to leave the main door open, allowing air to circulate more. This can save on power and air conditioning and lets residents see their yard or garden.

With retractable screen doors, home-owners do not have to decide between letting the cool air in or keeping bugs and insects out.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are another interesting addition that offers countless benefits. Storms or typhoons occur regularly in tropical climates, and most homes are looking at the option of adding another layer of protection to their home. Storm doors are usually made of aluminium, wood, or fibreglass.

It is characterised by glass and screen inserts that you can mix and match, depending on the home-owner preference. These doors have a lifespan of up to 50 years if given proper care and attention.

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So how does it work? Storm doors act as a buffer between you and the elements. More importantly, some can reduce energy loss by as much as 50 percent. You can have both screen doors and storm doors installed in your home.

For example, the storm door is ideally placed at the front door; while the screen doors are best for the back door or patio where it opens up to the garden or yard.

Take a careful look at your home’s architecture and design and see whether one or both of these additional elements will work for you.